Summer – Spring 2021


Perhaps the most exhilarating part of life is the sudden moment one realises what truly matters, great things must
be cherished, it is the ultimate commitment. In this Spring Summer 2021 collection, 1×1 Studio pays tribute to
what matters to everyone. It can be one’s commitment to life or love, something worth preserving; something that is
timeless and beyond. The pursuit of sustainability and aesthetics simultaneously sans compromise has paved the
foundation of 1×1 Studio. Change requires commitment, with this in mind, 1×1 Studio strives to show how much we
care about the environment, as Sartre said: “Commitment is an act, not a word.”

This is the future, celebration of individuality of various identities. Conceptual fluidity and flexibility can be found
in the new fabric designs. Whether in life or in love, in reality or dreams, we live in a world in need of commitment,
especially in a time of uncertainty, it is a lenses which provides depth and meaning. The journey of commitment itself
is wondrous, a leap of faith…