Summer – Spring 2020


Drawing inspiration from Kaohsiung, Taiwan, this Spring/Summer collection binds together the bucolic, industrial, and structural scenes of the designer’s hometown. Khaki, baby blue, orange and green colours continue this majestic aesthetic using sweet corn yarns, paper yarn, and recycled bottle fabrics. Experimenting with the thickness and textures of these materials, the collection sees 3D knits that challenge most logistical and visual expectations.

Using 80% sustainable materials, 1×1 Studio has succeeded in creating a collection that, if buried in soil, could decompose in 5 years. Continuing their environmentally-mindful approach, most jumpers can be worn two ways and several garments offer functional details such as pockets for bottles, serving as a gentle reminder to make your own reusable lifestyle choices.

1×1 Studio invites people to be part of something meaningful. Day-to-day, high quality and socially conscious fashion that never compromises on style. With communal participation, and a focus on the collective good whilst still providing personal luxury, 1×1 Studio aims to change the fashion landscape one consumer at a time.