Spring – Summer 2019


This season, 1X1 STUDIO reconnects the disconnected and continues to explore the possibilities of knitted and woven textiles to form an inseparable entity. By fetching inspirations from highly hyped social media in contrast with a cut-off world disconnected behind mainstream culture, and the links between individuals, the collection features a series of detachable parts seeking to connect the disconnected where textures could blend in seamlessly.

1X1 STUDIO unleashed a unique approach this season. Knitting with uncommon materials such as ribbons and paper is the key feature for this SS19 collection. With a dedication of experimentations on textures, wearability and the amount of handcrafting involved in the making, the designers wish to take an unconventional path to accomplish the whole knitwear collection. Streetwear infused aesthetics feeds in the overall style where an oversized and finely cut silhouette can be expected.