Autumn – Winter 2018


The debut menswear collection celebrates the everlasting heart of adolescence. Inspirations taken from contrasts between formal wear and casual street styles from the 80s distilled down to subtle playfulness where designers experimented exciting approaches towards silhouettes and craftsmanship.

Unwilling to grow up or become an adult take us onto a journey back to our memories of the good old days and somehow reckless but adventurous youth. By researching into Derek Ridgers, Gavin Watson, George Nebieridze and many other photographers’ work which captured the intimate and lively moments of the young, the designers want to call attention to keeping a young heart as this can always be a getaway to this ultra-fast-paced and overly stressful modern life. A sense of distortion captures the under-pressure modern generations. To stretch these ideas into actual practise, the collection features peculiar application of details creating a disorder to disturb menswear traditions.

By connecting the sculptural nature of pattern cutting to knitwear’s own unique development, the designers are keen to push the boundaries of knitted and woven designs to include various possibilities and visions in the menswear market.