Autumn – Winter 2020


1×1 Studio has always been synonymous with fantastic technical knitwear and collections that have a romanticised interpretation of the world we live in. For Autumn Winter 2020, Creative Director Yi-Ling Kuo, has harnessed inspiration from the tempestuous elements of love stories she see on her many international travels. Goodbye kisses at the airport, crossed words on carriages aboard a long train journey home a relationship break up, held in public space to save face. Love was never meant to be easy and this collection sets out to document the minutia of love from happy tears to ironic smiles.

Emotive hues of passionate reds and purple and fresh mint are juxtaposed with blacks and metal shades. innovative knitting techniques breath newness into the whole collection alongside the favoured ladder style.

Fabrications are innovative with Corn, recycled and Sparkling gold yarns, vegan leather and metal trimming. They have a handcrafted sensibility and are designed with a 70’s point of view. 1x1Studio’s pieces are created with the firm belief that there aren’t many boundaries between menswear and womenswear, the pieces should reflect the inspiration of this collection and just be loved.

Summer – Spring 2020


Drawing inspiration from Kaohsiung, Taiwan, this Spring/Summer collection binds together the bucolic, industrial, and structural scenes of the designer’s hometown. Khaki, baby blue, orange and green colours continue this majestic aesthetic using sweet corn yarns, paper yarn, and recycled bottle fabrics. Experimenting with the thickness and textures of these materials, the collection sees 3D knits that challenge most logistical and visual expectations.

Using 80% sustainable materials, 1×1 Studio has succeeded in creating a collection that, if buried in soil, could decompose in 5 years. Continuing their environmentally-mindful approach, most jumpers can be worn two ways and several garments offer functional details such as pockets for bottles, serving as a gentle reminder to make your own reusable lifestyle choices.

1×1 Studio invites people to be part of something meaningful. Day-to-day, high quality and socially conscious fashion that never compromises on style. With communal participation, and a focus on the collective good whilst still providing personal luxury, 1×1 Studio aims to change the fashion landscape one consumer at a time.

Autumn – Winter 2019


Looking back at the state-of-the-art technology from the present to the 80s, we can see the widespread belief in a scientific and technical future. We interpreted the belief into our AW19 series by studying the architecture, art, film and lifestyle at that time.

Meanwhile, the legend of Icarus from Greek is used to explain the relationship between human and technology. The idea of “don’t fly too close to the sun” from the myth corresponds with human attitude towards science and technology in real life situation. No matter in the 80s or present, people are always being reminded for not to rely too much on the convenience brought by technology in daily life.

Spring – Summer 2019


This season, 1X1 STUDIO reconnects the disconnected and continues to explore the possibilities of knitted and woven textiles to form an inseparable entity. By fetching inspirations from highly hyped social media in contrast with a cut-off world disconnected behind mainstream culture, and the links between individuals, the collection features a series of detachable parts seeking to connect the disconnected where textures could blend in seamlessly.

1X1 STUDIO unleashed a unique approach this season. Knitting with uncommon materials such as ribbons and paper is the key feature for this SS19 collection. With a dedication of experimentations on textures, wearability and the amount of handcrafting involved in the making, the designers wish to take an unconventional path to accomplish the whole knitwear collection. Streetwear infused aesthetics feeds in the overall style where an oversized and finely cut silhouette can be expected.

Autumn – Winter 2018


The debut menswear collection celebrates the everlasting heart of adolescence. Inspirations taken from contrasts between formal wear and casual street styles from the 80s distilled down to subtle playfulness where designers experimented exciting approaches towards silhouettes and craftsmanship.

Unwilling to grow up or become an adult take us onto a journey back to our memories of the good old days and somehow reckless but adventurous youth. By researching into Derek Ridgers, Gavin Watson, George Nebieridze and many other photographers’ work which captured the intimate and lively moments of the young, the designers want to call attention to keeping a young heart as this can always be a getaway to this ultra-fast-paced and overly stressful modern life. A sense of distortion captures the under-pressure modern generations. To stretch these ideas into actual practise, the collection features peculiar application of details creating a disorder to disturb menswear traditions.

By connecting the sculptural nature of pattern cutting to knitwear’s own unique development, the designers are keen to push the boundaries of knitted and woven designs to include various possibilities and visions in the menswear market.